Astronaut Inktober: Week 1

Inktober: n. A drawing challenge during the month of October to complete 31 pen and ink drawings in 31 days.

Here is the first weeks batch of drawings for Inktober 2017. I followed the 2017 Inktober prompt list to draw 31 astronauts.

I created more complex constraints by emulating 31 different artists that have inspired me. Some have done so for years. Others have inspired more recently.

Contact me if you see anything you’d like to purchase.

Here is week 1:

1) Swift – Ayami Kojima

2) Divided – Bill Watterson

3) Poison – Jae Lee

4) Underwater – Declan Shalvey

5) Long – Humberto Ramos

6) Sword – Chris Bachalo

7) Shy – Studio Ghibli